How a Sigma Tau Delta Internship Stipend Allowed me to Pursue a Great Opportunity

Internship Stipend 2021-JReda

In fall 2020 during the final year of my studies at Hofstra University where I majored in English, Geography, and Global Studies and minored in Spanish, I attended my university’s virtual career fair to search for an internship opportunity for spring 2021. I have always been passionate about both English and Geography, and was hoping to find an internship that would allow me to combine my core interests. At the career fair, I met with the CEO of Research Methods Made Easy Inc (RSMME) and quickly grew an interest in working for this new nonprofit. RSMME aims to teach research skills to a wide array of people and organizations, including students, nonprofits, and media outlets. One of their most exciting initiatives is the Democracy Project, which is aimed at teaching several of the important actors in emerging democracies how to conduct research and interpret research results. When I met with RSMME’s CEO, he looked over my resume and said he could create an internship position for me that would enable me to make use of all my majors. With my English major, I would be able to provide editorial support to the organization. Then, with my Geography and Global Studies majors, I would be able to help put together materials for the Democracy Project.

Immediately, I wanted to apply for the internship. However, the CEO then told me that the internship, while it would only require me to work 10 to 15 hours a week, would be unpaid, as is the case with most nonprofits. Unfortunately, due to my financial circumstances, partaking in an unpaid internship was not really an option for me. I already had three jobs, and if I took on the internship, I would have to quit one of my paid positions. However, the internship with RSMME was basically my dream job. Knowing that even if I got the internship, I would be unlikely to afford partaking in it, I went ahead and applied. Ultimately, I was then offered a position as the organization’s Communications Intern. While deciding whether or not to accept the position, I heard about Sigma Tau Delta’s Internship Stipends. Excited by this new opportunity, and what it could mean for me, I applied for and received a stipend.

Working with RSMME has been one of the greatest work experiences I have ever had, and the position has greatly contributed to my professional development. First and foremost, I really enjoyed working for a nonprofit and having a job that felt meaningful. Additionally, for a long time, I have had an interest in grant writing. I was able to pursue this interest through my internship as a large part of my role involved my researching for and editing the organization’s grant proposals. Furthermore, I improved my editing skills while proofreading the organization’s website content, social media posts, and even a book for the Democracy Project. One of the best parts about working for RSMME was that they understood that the other interns and I were students, and they were always willing to work around our schedules. Also, since the positions were unpaid, they offered us knowledge instead, holding several workshops on how we could improve our own research efforts and skills. Now, when writing cover letters for full time positions, I always highlight my internship with RSMME, as the skills I gained as an intern are applicable to many other positions. I am incredibly thankful to Sigma Tau Delta for rewarding me with an Internship Stipend, as, without it, I may have missed out on a great opportunity!

Jenna RedaJenna Reda
2021 Spring Internship Stipend Recipient
Alpha Pi Beta Chapter
Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY


Internship Stipend

Sigma Tau Delta offers funding for current undergraduate and graduate student members accepting non- or low-paying internships. The Internship Stipend is a competitive program providing a limited number of stipends of up to $1,500 each.

The internship must involve working for an “organization” while being directed by a supervisor/mentor within that organization, and the intern’s duties must be consistent with the applicant’s level of education, area of study, and career goals. Financial need will be taken into consideration in addition to internship length. Applicants are responsible for obtaining and providing verification of the internship. Check out BestColleges’ Ultimate Guide to Internships for advice in finding and applying for internships. Please review the application guidelines for additional information.

The internship stipend does not apply to activities that are part of a student’s degree requirements, such as student teaching, and cannot be used to supplement a graduate assistantship.

Applications will be accepted through August 7, 2023, 11:59 p.m. Central Daylight Time (CDT). Notifications will be made by June 5. Questions regarding the online submission process should be addressed to [email protected].

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