My Internship at the LARB Publishing Workshop

When I heard about this unique opportunity from my Managing Editor, Hanna Andrews, at Witness magazine I knew I wanted to apply. After I listened to videos with past workshop fellows that spoke about their individual experience participating in the Los Angeles Review of BooksLARB Publishing Workshop, I was excited about my decision to apply. I felt confident that this experience would give me a plethora of new knowledge and insight about the publishing industry as a whole and its landscape in today’s world. I also felt like this experience would also give me an idea of where I could fit my talents and abilities.

It was a three week course where the workshop fellows and I had the opportunity to learn more about publishing across the spectrum from books, magazines, podcasts/audio, new media, and non-profit presses. We also had the chance to listen to experts in their respective area within publishing such as publicity, production, sales, editorial distribution, and agents. Each of the workshop fellows and I also had the opportunity to schedule two one-on-one sessions with a guest speaker of our preferences and who also sparked our interest. I had the great privilege to actually speak to three people about their previous literary projects, about their personal experience in the industry, and my questions regarding first steps to take regarding publishing. I spoke with Nanda Dyssou, Jennifer 8. Lee, and Lori Kozlowski.

LARP Internship

Nanda Dyssou is the founder of Coriolis Company, a Los Angeles based boutique agency that provides book marketing, author branding, and literary event management and promotion. Nanda gave me some meaningful advice to never undersell your capabilities, and to decide how much your time is worth. She also said that the most important asset some one can have is the contacts they acquire. Under a similar vein, Jennifer 8. Lee, who is CEO of Plympton, a literary studio that works on innovative publishing projects, also gave advice to focus on developing relationships with future collaborators. Lori Kozlowski is a writer, editor, producer, and a media executive. The main takeaway I have from Lori speaking to the workshop fellows and I is not to shy away from non-traditional forms of story-telling, especially when you have the opportunity to give a voice to the voiceless. The project that she talked to us about primarily was Project Empathy: a virtual reality series focused on social justice issues such as mass incarceration. How she spoke about the project reminded us all to use our talents in order to bring about a greater good and to take into account your company’s values and mission statement.

I really loved the hands-on approach to learning with participating in PubLab. I acted as an editor, copyeditor, and contributor. I submitted my essay that was entitled, “Books and Electronic Media” and it was published alongside the other submissions selected. I immensely appreciated Medaya Ocher, the Managing Editor of the Los Angeles Review of Books, who spent so much time and effort working with the PubLab team to facilitate an entire publication of a new issue. I felt nervous at first in PubLab with little experience editing or copy editing, however; Medaya made us feel comfortable to express our questions and our worries. I feel so proud of the results in publishing a new online issue in less than three weeks. I could not have made this opportunity a reality without Sigma Tau Delta’s Internship Stipend Award. I feel so grateful and appreciative to have been a part of this opportunity for networking and professional growth.

CCisnerosCristina Cisneros
2019 Summer Internship Stipend Recipient
Epsilon Rho Chapter
University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV


Internship Stipend

Sigma Tau Delta offers funding for current undergraduate and graduate student members accepting non- or low-paying internships. The Internship Stipend is a competitive program providing a limited number of stipends of up to $1,500 each.

The internship must involve working for an “organization” while being directed by a supervisor/mentor within that organization, and the intern’s duties must be consistent with the applicant’s level of education, area of study, and career goals. Financial need will be taken into consideration in addition to internship length. Applicants are responsible for obtaining and providing verification of the internship. Please review the application guidelines for additional information.

The internship stipend does not apply to activities that are part of a student’s degree requirements, such as student teaching, and cannot be used to supplement a graduate assistantship.

Applications will be accepted through Monday, November 9, 2020, 11:59 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST). Notifications will be made by December 7.


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