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When Words Come to Life

“Oh, this is great. I’ve been studying all night, and I’m running on empty,” a student said as she filled a cup with coffee and reached for a banana.

“It is so squishy,” another student commented, holding up an orange stress ball and grinning.

Over the course of twenty-nine days, from April 1-31, Alpha Chi Phi, Dalton State College‘s chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, collected 502 books for the local Boys and Girls Club in Dalton, GA.

“This is really wonderful,” Craig Dunn stated, as he and his staff brought boxes of books into the local Boys and Girls Club building. “We are just starting our literacy program for the summer, and these books will be so helpful for giving our kids the motivation and tools they need to succeed.”

Craig Dunn, Director of Development for Boys and Girls Club.

Alpha Chi Phi’s children’s book drive culminated in four hours of stress relief where, thanks to the Sigma Tau Delta Chapter Project Grant money awarded in November 2018, the chapter purchased and distributed stress balls, gum, bouncy balls, cookies, brownies, donuts, scones, bananas, and coffee to student, faculty, and staff. Alpha Chi Phi members volunteered to serve in three locations in the liberal arts building (Lorberbaum), in the student center (Pope), and in the science building (Sequoya) from 9 a.m. until 12 p.m.

Over the course of four hours, every bit of food and goodies was distributed. Those who walked by the care cart tables, co-sponsored by the Dean of Student Life as well as Alpha Chi Phi, were greeted with encouragement and smiles. Final book donations were collected, increasing the chapter’s previously collected total of 422 to 502 books.

“Good luck with final exams. Hey, these cookies are not going to eat themselves,” Logan Broome, Alpha Chi Phi’s 2018-2019 President, stated, as students walked into the science building.

(Right) Logan Broome, 2018-2019 Alpha Chi Phi President.

Posters advertised such words as “compassion,” “care,” “kind,” “love,” and “generosity,” as volunteers brought these words to life, offering free toys and food to ease anxiety and strain often caused by final exam week.

As part of Sigma Tau Delta’s vision statement, “Transforming the World with Words,” Alpha Chi Phi helped promote fellowship among its members as well as Dalton State students, faculty, and staff with its “When Words Come to Life” event. The grant money Alpha Chi Phi received helped serve the Dalton State community, meeting the needs of college students, faculty, and staff during the stressful first day of final exams, as well as demonstrating high standards of excellence and exemplary behavior within Alpha Chi Phi members and the local Dalton community, fostering literacy through a partnership with the Boys and Girls Club.

“We all could use a bit of support and words of encouragement,” stated our new 2019-2020 President-Elect, Catherine Pickett, waving to students as they approached. “And, being able to help both our immediate college community and our local community is so important.”

Alpha Chi Phi hopes to continue this new tradition and offer support for the Dalton community during final exam week for both fall and spring semesters. We will also continue to partner with Boys and Girls Club through volunteering and raising literacy. Indeed, words that define and create communities are most effective when thoughts and words come to life, when actions become a living text that extend far beyond a physical page and reach into lives, minds, and hearts.

Randall - EastmanJennifer Randall
Susan Eastman
Chapter Project Grant Recipient, 2018-2019
Alpha Chi Phi Chapter, Chapter Co-Advisors
Dalton State College, Dalton, GA




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