Finding Community in Words: My Summer as A Sigma Tau Delta Editorial Intern

I was standing outside my hometown library when I got the call. A voice that sounded like sweet tea and perpetual summertime broke through the damp northeastern air to offer me a dream come true: an internship with the Sigma Tau Delta journals.

My senior year of college was coming to a close. After four years immersed in a tight-knit community, surrounded by peers and professors whose devotion to English literature inspired me daily, I would be going out into the world with only my own passion and pen to keep me company. Dr. Carie King’s call could not have come at a better time.

I spent the weeks leading up to the internship in a haze of excitement and nerves. I had interned with a few smaller literary presses in the past. I also had just wrapped up my position as Creator and Editor-in-Chief of HeartLines, Sacred Heart University‘s first online literary magazine. Yet I had never worked for publications as large and well known as the Sigma Tau Delta Review and the Sigma Tau Delta Rectangle.

As an intern, I would be reading short stories, creative nonfiction, poems, and academic essays from the most intelligent young literary minds. I spent May imagining students bent over their keyboards writing and editing and revising the words that spilled from their souls in cities and suburbs and countrysides far from the small coastal Connecticut town I called home. In June, when I met my two fellow editorial interns and Dr. King in a video conference, we began knitting together a literary fabric that represented a diverse community of budding writers and academics.

This summer, I traveled the nation sitting at my desk. I got to know different perspectives and places and people. I had a hand in sewing together a contemporary literary fabric. Every story, poem, and essay I read reminded me that my community spanned much wider and deeper than I could ever imagine.

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Kailey Blount
Sigma Tau Delta Journal Internship Recipient, 2023
Alpha Iota Psi Chapter
Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, OK


Sigma Tau Delta Journal Internship

A paid, remote, three-month internship opportunity is available with the Sigma Tau Delta Journals. This opportunity will provide a minimum of two Sigma Tau Delta student members (undergraduate or graduate) with editorial and publication experience. These interns will work with the Managing Editor on the publications, from May 15 until August 15, averaging 10 hours per week. The interns may complete this internship from any location, so long as they have reliable internet access. Each intern will be paid $300 per month for three months.

Job Summary

Under the Managing Editor’s direction interns will:

  • Read and evaluate submissions
  • Edit accepted submissions for publication
  • Communicate regularly via email and/or video conference with the Managing Editor

Skills and Abilities

  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Strong work ethic
  • Editorial experience
  • Computer literacy


Applicants must be active student members of a Sigma Tau Delta chapter at the time of application and should be familiar with the most recent issues of the Sigma Tau Delta journals.


Applications for summer 2024 will be accepted on the AwardSpring platform through February 5, 2024.

Required Materials

  • Well written cover letter to the Managing Editor of Publications
  • Relevant resume/CV
  • Short answer responses to application questions


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