Formation and Cultivation: The Impact of the Sigma Tau Delta Journal Internship

Beginning the Sigma Tau Delta Journal Internship was a surreal experience to say the least. As a second-time applicant, I was incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to contribute to this publication. The high quality of submissions and the experience of working with Dr. Carie King, the Managing Editor of Publications, and the other interns, Kailey Blount and Angela Fantone, increased my gratitude throughout the internship.

Initially, the internship interested me because I was debating between either an editorial or professorial career path. I had taken editorial opportunities at my university, Oral Roberts University, and for ministries. However, I wanted to expand my editorial experience outside of Christian circles to gain a better understanding of the editorial profession. The internship was unlike any other editorial experience I have had before. The collaborative element differed from the more solitary experience I had in editing nonfiction works. The academic works in the Sigma Tau Delta Review differed from the emphasis on creative works in the more collaborative editorial experience my university’s literary journal provides. Although I have chosen to go down a professorial career path, the Sigma Tau Delta Journal Internship has better prepared me for evaluating academic papers and creative works, a necessary skill for an English educator and for future graduate work.

With the high quality of submissions, the team had to decide how to evaluate submissions—a challenging process. Dr. King and the other interns were supportive in this process and were willing to answer any questions. The work between interns was divided evenly, which helped me manage taking a summer class during the internship. Ultimately, although the stipend for this position helped alleviate financial burdens, the experience of this internship was worthwhile without the financial benefit.

The journal’s emphasis on preserving the truth and sincerity of authors’ works while also looking at how design best supports the author’s expression gave me the guidelines I needed to both honor author’s works and look at ways to improve the author’s communication of ideals. “Sincerity, Truth, and Design” are at the heart of the journals, and I will carry these values into future editorial and academic endeavors.

For anyone considering applying or reapply, I would say pursuing this opportunity is well worth your time and effort, and the experience will both form and cultivate your editorial and academic skills.

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Emily Blevins
Sigma Tau Delta Journal Internship Recipient, 2023
Alpha Iota Psi Chapter
Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, OK


Sigma Tau Delta Journal Internship

A paid, remote, three-month internship opportunity is available with the Sigma Tau Delta Journals. This opportunity will provide a minimum of two Sigma Tau Delta student members (undergraduate or graduate) with editorial and publication experience. These interns will work with the Managing Editor on the publications, from May 15 until August 15, averaging 10 hours per week. The interns may complete this internship from any location, so long as they have reliable internet access. Each intern will be paid $300 per month for three months.

Job Summary

Under the Managing Editor’s direction interns will:

  • Read and evaluate submissions
  • Edit accepted submissions for publication
  • Communicate regularly via email and/or video conference with the Managing Editor

Skills and Abilities

  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Strong work ethic
  • Editorial experience
  • Computer literacy


Applicants must be active student members of a Sigma Tau Delta chapter at the time of application and should be familiar with the most recent issues of the Sigma Tau Delta journals.


Applications for summer 2024 will be accepted on the AwardSpring platform January 15 through February 5, 2024.

Required Materials

  • Well written cover letter to the Managing Editor of Publications
  • Relevant resume/CV
  • Short answer responses to application questions


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