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Meet Felicia Jean Steele

Felicia Jean Steele is the Eastern Regent and a Faculty Advisor for the Alpha Epsilon Alpha Chapter at The College of New Jersey. Her undergraduate institution didn’t have a chapter when she graduated in 1993, but she would have been a member if she could have been. She was Henry Roth’s assistant through college as he completed Mercy of a Ride Stream, but she only got the job because she went to the wrong door. Had she gone to the front door. She was 17 years old and hadn’t read Call it Sleep, Roth’s famous novel.

  1. My favorite movie is Star Wars: A New Hope.
  2. I never leave the house without a first aid kit.
  3. If I had to eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be Avocado!
  4. Growing up, I was sure I would be a Lawyer.
  5. I know every word to the song Hotel California,” by the Eagles.
  6. The best gift I’ve ever received was a print of a Scottish Cow.
  7. My nickname in high school was Guido.
  8. If you find me in the kitchen, I’m typically whipping up a microwave dinner.
  9. I’m both a reader and a writer.
  10. The best paper title I ever created was “Dreaming of Dragons.”Iceland
  11. The literary place I’d most like to visit is Iceland.
  12. My dream job is a librarian.
  13. An author I truly admire is Henry Roth.
  14. My go-to children’s book is The Peevish Penguin, by Earle Goodenow.
  15. The destination at the top of my travel bucket list is Istanbul.
  16. My favorite part of being an English Major is never having to justify staying inside and reading.
  17. The last book I read was Gods of Jade and Shadow, by Silvia Moreno-Garcia.
  18. My favorite book is The Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien.LOTR
  19. My favorite place to buy books is The Strand Bookstore in NYC.
  20. In 10 years, I’m betting that the big trend in literature will be collaboratively written texts.
  21. My first job was as a bingo card seller.
  22. The last book I bought was Don’t Believe a Word, David Shariatmadari, and I have read it.mel-brooks
  23. The celebrity I’d most like to spend a day with is Mel Brooks.
  24. If I could move anywhere in the world, I’d live in London!
  25. I’m a Ravenclaw.


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