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Leadership Opportunities

Sigma Tau Delta offers a number of opportunities for members to take part in the management of the Society. Participants gain firsthand information on the Society’s operations as well as play a part in the governance of and planning for Sigma Tau Delta.

Faculty and student members interested in expanding their Sigma Tau Delta experience beyond the chapter level are encouraged to volunteer for leadership opportunities at the Society’s regional and international levels. Positions include both elected members of the Board of Directors and appointed student and alumni opportunities.

Spring 2024 Board of Directors Elected Positions

Applications due March 21, 2024. Candidates for all open elected positions are required to attend the 2024 Convention in St. Louis, MO, April 3 – 6, 2024.

Candidates for the Vice President/President-Elect and Secretary positions will have the opportunity to make a brief presentation to the voting constituents at the Business Meeting.

Officer applicants, at the time of election, must be a Faculty Advisor of an active Sigma Tau Delta chapter.

Vice President/President-Elect

Two-year term, 2024-2026, with subsequent service as the Society President (2026-2028), followed by a two-year term as Immediate Past President (2028-2030)

Vice President/President-Elect Duties


Four-year term, 2024-2028, renewable

Secretary Duties

Regents Election

Thank you for exercising your right to vote for your Sigma Tau Delta Regent. This year, we have four positions up for election—Far Western, High Plains, Southern, and Southwestern. The candidates on the next page submitted applications last fall for your consideration in their respective regions.

Regents Election

Appointed Positions

Applications due April 11, 2024.

Student Advisor

One of the two Student Advisors (SAs) is selected by the Board of Directors each spring. SAs serve for two years and provide the student voice as voting members of the Board of Directors. They also chair the Student Leadership Committee. SAs advocate for the needs and concerns of the student members of Sigma Tau Delta. The two SAs work together promoting the goals of the Society among its members.


  • Must be a Sigma Tau Delta member at a school with an active chapter; and
  • Must plan on attending a school with an an active chapter, through the end of appointed two-year term (June 2024 – May 2026).

Student Advisor Position

Student Representative and Associate Student Representative Positions

The 2024-2025 Student Representatives (SRs) and Associate Student Representatives (ASRs) will be appointed by the corresponding Regent. There will be one SR and one ASR appointed for each of the six Regions. Please refer to the Chapter Directory to determine which region your chapter is in.


  • Must be a Sigma Tau Delta member at a school with an active chapter; and
  • Must plan on attending a school with an active chapter, within the Region you apply for, through the end of appointed one-year term (June 2024 – May 2025).

Student Representative / Associate Student Representative Positons

Alumni Representative

To represent the voice of the alumni members of Sigma Tau Delta (i.e., members who are no longer students or who are graduate students at a program without an active Sigma Tau Delta chapter), the Board of Directors has created the Alumni Representative position. The Board of Directors will appoint the successful candidate to a two-year term (with a two-term limit).


  • The AR shall have graduated from an undergraduate program.
  • The AR shall have been a member in good standing of an active chapter.

Alumni Representative Position


Please direct questions on all elected and appointed positions to [email protected].

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