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Sigma Tau Delta Scholarships and Academic Awards

Annually, Sigma Tau Delta offers a variety of scholarship and academic awards valued at up to $6,000 each. Because these scholarship opportunities are offered exclusively to Sigma Tau Delta members, those members who take the time to submit a carefully put-together application obviously have a significantly increased chance of receiving an award and completing the application process is excellent practice for those planning to attend graduate school or apply for a job. Applications are judged based on academics and service, as well as on the quality of writing in essays or statements that are required for the scholarships.

Sigma Tau Delta uses the AwardSpring platform for the application process. Please use the AwardSpring link to apply for the scholarships, academic awards, and grants listed below. Through the application you will be able to submit required materials, and request recommendation letters.

But before you apply, make sure to check out our resources for Required Materials, Application Essay Prompts, What You Need to Know About AwardSpring, and ourĀ FAQs.

The spring application submission cycle will be open March 11 through April 15, 4:00 p.m. CDT, for the following opportunities:

Available Spring Scholarships and Awards

Junior Scholarships
Senior Scholarships
William C. Johnson Distinguished Scholarship
Continuing Education Scholarship
Graduate Scholarships
Study Abroad Scholarship (applies to the 2024-2025 academic year)
Regents’ Equity Scholarship

Available Spring Awards

P.C. Somerville Awards for Future Teachers
Scholarly Paper Awards for Undergraduate Students
Scholarly Paper Awards for Graduate Students

Available Spring Grants

Lambda Iota Tau (LIT) Research Grants

Available Spring Internships (for Summer 2024)

NCTE Internship
W. W. Norton Internship Priority Consideration
Internship Stipend


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