Spanish Immersion with a Summer Program Scholarship

I received a Summer Program Scholarship from Sigma Tau Delta to facilitate studying abroad for a month in Spain. I participated in an language immersion program, living with a host family and participating in classes, cultural excursions, and conversations with new people about travel, learning, and languages. As a Cuban person, I greatly benefited from this opportunity to study abroad while also immersing myself in my cultural heritage, namely, my language.

As an English major, I dedicate myself to pursuing excellence in language. In conjunction with this, I value learning other languages. This opportunity to learn Spanish, engage with Spanish culture, and exchange my English language skills helped deepen my English and Spanish skills. I aim to work at the intersection of language and design, working closely with real people to advocate for their needs. My language skills help me connect with individuals, learn their stories, and appreciate who they are.

Studying abroad helped me see more points of view on life and exposed me to new stories and ways of thinking. This would not have been possible without the support of Sigma Tau Delta. The award I received has significantly supported my growth as a student, professional, and person.

Caridad Kinsella
Summer Program Scholarship Recipient, 2022
Alpha Chi Omicron Chapter
Fordham University


Summer Program Scholarship

The Summer Program Scholarship provides up to $1,500 for the purposes of attending a special summer program, in the student’s home country, which furthers the applicant’s engagement with Sigma Tau Delta’s mission. Qualifying summer programs must be at least three weeks in length and no longer than three months. Applicants should demonstrate academic scholarship and chapter service and must explain the relevance of their summer program to fostering their engagement with the English discipline, including literature, language, writing, or literacy.

Application Deadline: January 15 – February 5, 2024 for programs in summer 2024

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