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Student Leadership: Bigger than Yourself

Kayla Ashbrooks (top left) leads a virtual Student Leadership Committee meeting with Junior SA Brett Iarrobino (top right).

Applications to join the 2022-2023 Student Leadership team are due by April 18, 2022. Read on to learn why Senior Student Advisor Kayla Ashbrooks believes you should apply.

When I think of the word International (you know, like Sigma Tau Delta, International English Honor Society), I think of a vast expanse of diverse people, so many, in fact, that I feel like a number. My freshman year of college introduced me to Sigma Tau Delta at my fairly small college in our fairly small chapter. Later, when my Advisor “encouraged” me—or shall I say, instructed me—to apply as a Student Leader, I thought, “sounds amazing but highly unlikely,” and looked up the application to humor her. I mean, what are the odds that I, out of ALL those people, would be selected? They were better than I anticipated, and I am so thankful they were.

Upon being appointed Student Advisor, the previously-intimidating thought of serving on a committee with people from across the nation became so exciting, and almost immediately, my fellow Student Leaders felt like family. In the time of a global pandemic, they fostered a sense of companionship and a new, exciting perspective for the upcoming year, though it looked much different than any of us had anticipated.

Although our time as Student Leaders has been ever changing, the experience has cultivated so much growth and learning in innumerable ways. Today, I want to describe a few of the ways that Student Leadership promotes growth and to hopefully inspire some of the wonderful members of Sigma Tau Delta to apply for this incredible opportunity!

1. Connection

Sigma Tau Delta’s membership expands internationally, and the Student Leadership committee is made up of members across the United States. Serving as a Student Leader creates connections with members of all geographic locations. These connections create a sense of unity within the Society, even with physical distance. They cultivate feelings of a closeness and belonging that have been frequently missing for many people in the global pandemic. These connections foster personal growth as they offer a variety of perspectives and ideas that help expand regional participation and personal leadership qualities.

2. Leadership Opportunities

This may come as a shock, but serving on the Student Leadership committee offers leadership opportunities! These opportunities manifest in numerous ways, such as social media takeovers, featured speaker introductions, and cooperative social event planning. These opportunities and others like them provide members with platforms to help shape Sigma Tau Delta from a student perspective and to grow as leaders in a supportive, educational environment.

3. Representation

Because Sigma Tau Delta is such an extensive, diverse organization, the voices of its members are vital to the success and expansion of the society. The Student Leadership committee is headed by two Student Advisors who act as voting members of the Sigma Tau Delta Board of Directors. These Student Advisors represent the voices of the entire Student Leadership committee, while the Student Representatives and Associate Student Representatives reflect the voices of their designated region. The responsibility of acting on behalf of an entire region provides members with the opportunity to advocate for change and growth within the society as a whole.

Consider gaining invaluable experience by 2022-2023 Student Leadership Committee! Applications will be open February 21 through April 18, 2022.

KAshbrooks-headKayla Ashbrooks
Student Advisor, 2020-2022
Epsilon Theta Chapter
Southern Arkansas University, Magnolia, AR


Spring 2022 Opportunities

Sigma Tau Delta offers a number of opportunities for members to take part in the management of the Society. Participants gain firsthand information on the Society’s operations as well as play a part in the governance of and planning for Sigma Tau Delta.

Student members interested in expanding their Sigma Tau Delta experience beyond the chapter level are encouraged to volunteer for leadership opportunities at the Society’s regional and international levels.

Application deadline: April 18, 2022

Student Advisor (SA)

One of the two Student Advisors (SAs) is selected by the Board of Directors each spring. SAs serve for two years and provide the student voice as voting members of the Board of Directors. They also chair the Student Leadership Committee. SAs advocate for the needs and concerns of the student members of Sigma Tau Delta. The two SAs work together promoting the goals of the Society among its members.


  • Must be a Sigma Tau Delta member at a school with an active chapter; and
  • Must plan on attending a school with an an active chapter, through the end of appointed two-year term (April 2022 – May 2024).

Candidates for the Student Advisor position will be interviewed and appointed by the Board of Directors. Individuals will assume their office by June 1, 2022.

SA Duties and Application Requirements

Student Representatives (SR) / Student Associate Representatives (ASR)

The 2022-2023 Student Representatives (SRs) and Associate Student Representatives (ASRs) will be appointed by the corresponding Regent. There will be one SR and one ASR appointed for each of the six Regions. Please refer to the Chapter Directory to determine which region your chapter is in.


  • Must be a Sigma Tau Delta member at a school with an active chapter; and
  • Must plan on attending a school with an an active chapter, within the Region you apply for, through the end of appointed one-year term (April 2022 – May 2023).

Candidates for the SR and ASR positions will be interviewed and appointed by their respective Regents. Individuals will assume their offices by June 1, 2022.

SR/ARS Duties and Application Requirements


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