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3 Reasons to Apply for Student Leadership

Many Sigma Tau Deltans who make the decision to join the Society are aware of the benefits of membership at local levels. You know about leadership at the chapter level, scholarship opportunities, and the chance the attend the yearly convention. Have you ever wondered what planning such a large-scale event such as the annual convention entails? Are you someone who wants to make your voice heard to benefit the Society at the international level?

Sigma Tau Delta has unique and impactful leadership opportunities for students at the Society level. The cohort of Student Leaders consists of two Student Advisors (SAs) who serve an overlapping two year term, six Student Representatives (SRs) and six Associate Student Representatives (ASRs), who each serve a one year term. Why should you take advantage of this membership opportunity?

1. Be a Voice for Your Region

Student Leaders, specifically Student Advisors and Student Representatives, attend both the spring and fall Board meetings in the convention city ahead of the annual gathering. This not only means you have the chance to explore the city and be ready to give recommendations about great activities and restaurants to those coming in for convention, but also that you serve the Board by attending the meeting and sitting on committees and task forces. While this may sound daunting, it is important to note that members of the Sigma Tau Delta Board of Directors are committed to serving the needs of members and learning about what new opportunities the Society’s membership can benefit from. The Board believes that one of the best ways to do this is to learn directly from students.

As a Student Leader, you have the chance to provide this voice. Working alongside professors and students who are committed to the same goals, you have the chance to make a difference in the continued growth and development of the society.

2. Grow as a Leader and Networker

Leadership opportunities at the chapter level are wonderful, and serving on Student Leadership at the national level allows you to build similar skills on a larger scale. In all three available positions you will learn to manage your time and be an effective communicator with people from across the Society. Being a Student Leader means having the chance to work with everyone in the Society from staff in the Central Office to students in chapters located across the country and the world. The Board, Central Office, Student Leadership, and other affiliates work together to ensure that the Society is functioning at its best to benefit all members. Students who participate at this level can not only learn to lead in this setting, but can also gain valuable networking experience with all other members of the Board. You will often have the chance to sit in meetings with professionals and professors from all over the world, with down time to have meaningful conversations and build personal relationships with people you may have otherwise never met.

3. Have Fun!

Although being a member of Student Leadership can be a lot of work, there is also room to have fun. While you do participate in committee and task force meetings, you also get to build life-long friendships with the people working alongside you. Your work will lead to new and exciting opportunities for future members of the Society, meaning you can make a lasting impact at the international level with your work, by providing your voice. You can travel to the Convention city twice to attend the Board meetings and have even more time to explore and learn to take advantage of your free time in these new and exciting places.

Members of Sigma Tau Delta can apply for Student Leadership as soon as their first convention, meaning that, if you are apprehensive about taking on a larger leadership challenge, you can start as an Associate Student Representative and come back the next year as an SR or an SA! Sigma Tau Delta offers members a supportive and encouraging environment to hone important leadership skills. Shouldn’t you get to take advantage of this opportunity?

KSassKatilynn Sass
Senior Student Advisor
Xi Xi Chapter
Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA


Student Leadership Applications

Sigma Tau Delta’s Student Leaders are chosen at the international convention. These positions provide excellent opportunities to network, gain valuable leadership skills, and learn about how Sigma Tau Delta functions at the regional and Society levels. The deadline to apply for all positions is March 2, 2020, and you must attend the 2020 Convention in order to be a candidate.

Student Advisor

The two Student Advisors (SA) are full voting members of the Board of Directors, attend fall and spring Board meetings (and the convention), and work closely with all the Student Representatives and Regents. Truly committed, organized, creative, and dependable members are invited to apply for one of the two SA positions. Applicants must be willing to make a two-year commitment to serve and must be student members of active chapters for their full 2020-2022 term. The SA candidate is interviewed at the convention and the position is appointed by the Board of Directors.

Student Representative and Associate Student Representative

Students may apply for either or both Student Representative and Associate Student Representative positions. There is one SR and one ASR for each of the Society’s six Regions. Student Representative applicants must be Sigma Tau Delta members at a school with an active chapter and must plan on attending a school with an active chapter within their region, through the end of their elected one-year term, 2020-2021. Elections for these positions will be held at the Convention Regional Caucuses on Friday, March 27, 2020 after the Business meeting.


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