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Meet Jessica Shields

Jessica Shields

Jessica Shields is the Sigma Tau Delta High Plains Region Associate Student Representative and Historian of Fort Hays State University’s Rho Psi Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta. She is a borderline crazy animal lady, who loves literature and coffee, and is proud to call herself a foodie. When she has free time, she is often curled up in a cozy spot with her fur babies, reading a good book.

  1. My favorite movie is Howl’s Moving Castle.
  2. I never leave the house without Chapstick & Perfume.
  3. If I had to eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be cheese.
  4. Growing up, I was sure I would be a World Traveler.
  5. I know every word to the song Cheater Cheater,” by Joey & Rory.
  6. The best gift I’ve ever received was an Anniversary Necklace.
  7. My nickname in high school was Mama Jess.
  8. If you find me in the kitchen, I’m typically whipping up Tea or Coffee.
  9. I’m more of a reader.
  10. The best paper title I ever created was “The Grimm, Twisted World of Traditional Fairy Tales.”
  11. The literary place I’d most like to visit is the Gateway to the realm of Count Dracula: Borgo Pass/Hotel.
  12. My dream job is to be a Traveling Museum Curator.TamoraPierce
  13. An author I truly admire is Tamora Pierce.
  14. My go-to children’s book is InkHeart, by Cornelia Funke.inkheart
  15. The destination at the top of my travel bucket list is New Zealand.
  16. My favorite part of being an English Major is being able to expand my knowledge of literature.
  17. The last book I read was History of English Language, by Baugh & Cable.
  18. My favorite book series is A Song of Ice and Fire, by George R.R. Martin.
  19. My favorite place to buy books is at Independent Bookshops.
  20. In 10 years, I’m betting that the big trend in literature will be Futuristic Space Travel.
  21. My first job was at a daycare.
  22. The last book I bought was a Graphic novel rendition of Speak, but I have not read it.rowling
  23. The celebrity I’d most like to spend a day with is J.K. Rowling.
  24. If I could move anywhere in the world, I’d live in the United Kingdom.
  25. My Hogwarts House is Hufflepuff.


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