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Meet Your Alumni Representative: DeAndra Miller

DeAndra Miller holds a BA in English Literature from Minot State University and an MFA in Fiction from Florida International University. As an undergraduate, she was passionate about the Society as President of her Sigma Tau Delta chapter and as the Student Advisor (2017-2019) for the Society. She has won the Elizabeth Holtze Creative Nonfiction prize for the Sigma Tau Delta Rectangle twice and has presented poetry and nonfiction at previous conventions. Her work has appeared in Tenth Street Miscellany, So To Speak, and the Rectangle. She is a full-time Instructor of English at Florida Atlantic University teaching rhetoric, literature, and creative writing. She is also a copy editor for Archeion, Journal of Queer Archives, the literary magazine for the Stonewall National Museum & Archives. DeAndra’s first novel, Hail Mary, is about to go out on submission. She lives in Florida with her five children, husband, and their goldendoodle named Luna.

DeAndra is excited to assume the role of Alumni Representative and shares the following message:

Hello Fellow Alums,

I hope that you will all come to know my face and name in the coming couple of years! As your new Alumni Representative, it is my sole responsibility to work in the best interest for Society alumni members.

I look forward to an amazing two-year term, where I have plans to better integrate every and all alumni into the fold of Sigma Tau Delta, increase our contributions and overall presence to and within the Society through service and giving, and to increase communication that will benefit all alumni through professional and social networking for everything from jobs to publishing opportunities.

I hope that you will come to see me as a friendly face, a resource, a sounding board, and fountain for ideas. One of my primary responsibilities is to represent alumni voices and needs on the Board of Directors. As you have ideas for how alumni can remain active members of the Sigma Tau Delta community, communicate those to me so that I may pass them on to the Board! Let me know how we can better alumni so that we can continue to be a driving force in the Society, because as we all say with Sigma Tau Delta, it’s a lifelong condition.

It’s going to be a great term! πŸ™‚

Cheers my dears,

Sigma Tau Delta Discord

Since stepping into the Alumni Representative position, DeAndra has been busy laying the groundwork for improved networking among Sigma Tau Delta alumni. In an effort to further extend the alumni community and to promote networking and conversation, DeAndra, along with the Central Office, has created a Sigma Tau Delta Discord. We encourage recent and upcoming graduates to join our server and begin building community for benefits such as job-searching, talent-swapping, community-building, and fun!

This Discord is new, but we believe with time it will continue to grow and be a way for you to continue your lifetime connection to the Society. It will also keep you apprised of scholarships and awards that are still available to you, as well as conference and publishing opportunities within and outside of the Society.

And of course, joining is absolutely free!

We can’t wait to see you there!

Join the Sigma Tau Delta Discord

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  • Greetings. I was offered to join Sigma Tau Delta last year through my school email. It said that after I paid the fee that I would get a certificate (online to print up myself) and a pin. I have still not received the pin. I am now working on a Master’s at UNCG in English, so can you direct me to the person who has the pins? Thank you, Lilli Castaldo

    • Hi, Leon. Check out the information on our Prospective Members page for information on how to join Sigma Tau Delta. In short, you will need to determine if the school you are currently attending has an active chapter. If your school does have a chapter, you will need to communicate with the Chapter Advisor to determine if you are eligible for membership.