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If You Feed Them, They Will Come: 5 Tips for Throwing a Pizza Social

The beginning of a new semester is an exciting, whirlwind time for returning students and new students alike. Organizations begin to put their plans in motion for a productive term, and that involves the necessary act of new member recruitment. While a campus organization fair is a great way to quickly meet new students, it’s also a bit of a frenzy. There’s not much of an opportunity to talk with students as they quickly head from table to table. A follow-up event, such as a pizza social, can be a great way to gather your returning members and have them meet and mingle with new students.

Host a Pizza Social!

At a pizza social, you can talk about what Sigma Tau Delta is, your school’s chapter, the annual international convention, and who your chapter members are. Plus, if you feed them, they will come. Trust me: Free food is always a reason to attend an event!

Pizza Social RecruitmentWhile the costs for a pizza social depend on your chapter’s budget, here are five tips on how to host a successful social:

1) Schedule Your Event

Don’t forget to promote your social with flyers posted across your campus and numerous social media posts on your chapter’s accounts, accounts hosted by your English department, and any other applicable accounts for your school.

2) Buy Local

Help support your local pizzerias by buying from them. Don’t forget to ask for group discounts. Also, be aware of students’ dietary needs and order a gluten-free pizza or two.

3) Stick to the Classics

Don’t get all fancy ordering pizza with a dozen toppings. Cheese and pepperoni are the way to go.

4) Quench that Thirst

Buy drinks! Head to your local grocery store and pick up some 2-liters of soda and water. Your potential new members will thank you for the choice between a fizzy drink and a healthier alternative.

5) Make It Rain . . . with Recruitment Materials

Have a table set up with applications and recruitment flyers such as the official Sigma Tau Delta At A Glance flyer. Don’t forget to provide information such as what your application funds go toward and the numerous benefits of joining Sigma Tau Delta.

When your event is over, don’t forget to clean up and thank your members for all their hard work and help.

Additional Sigma Tau Delta Resources

What kind of new member recruitment events has your chapter hosted? Let us know in the comments below!

Shelly RomeroShelly Romero
Associate Student Representative, Midwest Region, 2016-2017
Alpha Epsilon Eta Chapter
Stephens College, Columbia, MO

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